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      Focus on Conical twin screw, barrel production and sales

      Service hotline: 13857229638

      What are the functions of conical twin-screw

      Conical twin-screw extruder is characterized by uniform plasticizing and mixing, high output, stable quality, wide application range, long service life, and direct molding of pvc. With the corresponding measuring and molding die and auxiliary machine, it can directly send various thermoplastic materials, especially the PVC powder, out of the plastic products such as urban management, plate, sheet, rod, film and profiled products, and can also complete the modification of various plastics and the granulation process of the powder. The melt can be well plasticized and extruded at a lower temperature. The machine barrel is equipped with a cast aluminum heater, which has high thermal efficiency, fast and uniform temperature rise, and is equipped with a cooling fan. The specially designed transmission part is driven by a new frequency conversion motor or a DC motor, which operates stably, has large transmission torque, and has high efficiency. Conical twin screw steady speed regulation, high precision and energy saving. Intelligent double display digital temperature controller is adopted, with high control accuracy and small temperature fluctuation. It is equipped with overload protection and fault alarm, constant temperature of screw core oil circulation, barrel oil cooling and other functions, as well as vacuum exhaust pipe device and quantitative feeding device.


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